How to choose a golf pro?

A question that is asked from Tiger Woods all the way to an enthusiastic beginner.

And, what is the right answer?

Well, Butch Harmon, Graham Walker, David Ledbetter, Denis Pugh, Randy Smith or Hank Haney are all names that the greats have gone to, be that Tiger Woods or Scottie Scheffler and pretty much every golfer in between. It’s a personal preference, the important part is recognising that you need a private golf coach if you ever want to transform your game.

So what is the right answer, well here at Pascalgolf we know a thing or two about the requirements of coaching at the very highest level, having studied with and been coached by Graham Walker; current short game coach to Tommy Fleetwood. I also know how this information can be best passed on to the recreational golfer having demonstrated this on numerous occasions. My belief is that whilst each person is an individual the fundamentals behind golf and the golf swing remain constant. And by looking at your individual skills and pain points we can plan a roadmap to your success, be that going pro or perhaps more likely fixing a dreaded slice or hook of the tee, working towards a lower handicap and a more stable all round game. With my extensive golf coaching capabilities I will bring your the building blocks you need to achieve all you want, and more with the fundamentals to fall back on when things go awry and they will, just ask Rory Mcllroy! But based on the private golf lessons you have and the one on one time we spend focused solely on you and your swing, you will have the knowledge within to address your current situation and find that swing!

So how do you choose a good golf coach, well, just like buying a car I’d suggest taking a test drive! And come and experience for yourself and see just what you can achieve with the right guidance all focused on your personal golf game. So take advantage of my introduction classes prices, trust me it will be the best £35 you spend on golf this year! 

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