Junior Golf Lessons Bramhall, Stockport

All good golf is built on sound fundamentals. Junior golfers are at a key stage in their golfing development. Young students at Pascalgolf are taught key fundamentals to help them enjoy the game for years to come.

Term time junior lessons

Junior group lessons are available in term time:

Saturday’s 1-2pm , 2-3pm &  3-4pm

Wednesday’s 4-5pm

How we skill our juniors at Pascalgolf?

The approach to junior learning at Pascalgolf is to create the best environment for them to learn. I coach the children using games and challenges to help them learn and understand the game.

What to expect of the junior golf coaching environment at Bramall Park GC, Stockport

The coaching set up at Bramall Park GC allows them to access an extensive practice area which also incorporates a practice hole. This means the young players can effectively practice every area of the game and try out their skills when they’re ready in a live playing situation.

Junior Golf Holiday Camps

The holidays represent a great opportunity for the juniors to invest in their games.  We take on several challenges during the course of the camps and use these to skill the juniors and improve their technique. 

Junior Golf Holiday Camps



Monday 8th – Friday 12th

9am – 3pm



Monday 27th – Friday 31st




Monday 22nd – Friday 26th July


Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August


£55 per day or £235 for the week

To reserve your child’s place please email pascalgolf@hotmail.co.uk or call Pascal 07814633071

Junior Golf In Winter

Junior golf in WINTER is no longer a no go! We are able to make use of the indoor practice facility armed with TrackMan capability. All the students benefit enormously from the visual feedback this provides.