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Golf Lessons in Bramhall, Stockport

Hi, my name is Pascal Ogden. I teach Golf lessons at Bramall Park Golf Club, Stockport, Cheshire.

I teach Golf Lessons to people who are keen to get more from their golf game. I cover all areas of the game, whether that is Swing, Driving, Putting, Pitching, Chipping or Bunker play, my methods are tried and tested.

Why get a golf lesson with me?

I spent 12 years learning from three of the best coaches in the world: Graham Walker, Alan Thompson and Phil Kenyon.

I proved that my methods work with 3 wins on professional tours in the UK.

I have forensically broken the swing down, therefore each lesson is easy to digest 

I have the answer to cure your slice

I guarantee better golf when you follow my bespoke programme 

“Hi Pascal just to say that I shot my best ever round 65 (pipped into second) in not so pleasant conditions. My handicap is now 13 which is the lowest it’s been so I just wanted to thank you for your help”

Simon from Adlington

Take your Golf to another level

The golfing movement is far too complex to expect to see lasting progress after a single lesson. But with the right information, delivered by demonstration and accurate explanation I believe every golfer can add to their skill.

At the end of  2017 Roger Milburn came to me to saying that his handicap of 14 represented the high point of his golfing abilities. I respectfully disagreed! We worked together over the winter of 2017/18. He saw his handicap reduce from 14 to 10 in the space of 6 months.

“Each lesson is a strategic, well presented insight into how to move your game forward.”

Roger Milburn

About Pascal

Pascal has 12 years’ experience teaching and playing professional golf. After recording 3 professional wins Pascal finished playing on the Europro Tour and 1836 Tours in 2017. Pascal has devoted the last two years to teaching the members at Bramall Park GC. 

Unique among his peers, Pascal has a law degree and has brought a forensic mind to his analysis of the golf swing in order that he might present it in the simplest possible way. 

Lessons are hosted at Bramall Park, one of Cheshire’s top 20 golf courses. It boasts 3 chipping greens, a large practice area and an indoor facility fitted with Trackman.

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