Hi, I am Pascal Ogden, a golfing coach based in Stockport, UK.

I teach many people from all ages and not just beginners. In this article I want to talk about golf for juniors and some top tips I’ve picked up while working with juniors improving their game.

Why take up golf as a junior?

Golf can be a fantastic sport for juniors, offering numerous benefits such as physical fitness, patience, and sportsmanship. Here are some top golfing tips for juniors to help them develop their skills and enjoy the game:

Proper Equipment:

Start with the right-sized clubs and equipment designed for juniors.
Ensure the clubs are fitted to the child’s height and strength.

If you need advice about golfing kit or suitable clubs for your kids. Get in touch or pop into our pro shop in Bramhall.

Learn the Basics:

Begin with the fundamentals, including grip, stance, and posture.
Work on a comfortable and balanced grip to avoid developing bad habits.

Take Lessons:

Consider professional golf lessons from a qualified instructor.
Many golf clubs offer junior golf programs and lessons tailored to young golfers
This is where I can help. I teach Golf Lessons in the stockport and cheshire area every week. Please feel free to drop me a line on pascalogden@gmail.com

Practice Regularly

Practice is essential for improvement. Encourage consistent practice.
Include short game (putting and chipping) and full swings in your practice routine.

Set Realistic Goals

Set achievable goals to track progress.
Focus on improving one aspect of the game at a time.

Stay Patient:

Golf can be frustrating, so teach juniors to be patient and persistent.
Encourage a positive attitude and the ability to bounce back from mistakes.

Course Management:

Teach the importance of strategy, such as club selection and course management.
Discuss how to play smart and avoid risky shots.

Learn Golf Etiquette:

Teach juniors the rules and etiquette of golf.
Respect for the course, fellow players, and pace of play are vital.

Play for Fun:

Keep the focus on enjoyment and fun.
Avoid undue pressure to perform, especially in the early stages.

Encourage Competition:

Participate in junior golf tournaments when ready.
Competition can be a great motivator and a valuable learning experience.

Physical Fitness:

Encourage overall physical fitness to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.
These factors can enhance a junior golfer’s performance and prevent injuries.

Watch and Learn:

Watch professional golf tournaments together to learn from the pros.
Analyze their swings, strategies, and course management.

Support and Encourage:

Be supportive and encouraging, regardless of the outcome.
Celebrate small victories and offer constructive feedback.

Stay Hydrated and Sun-Safe:

Ensure juniors drink plenty of water during play to stay hydrated.
Use sunscreen and protective clothing to guard against sunburn.

Balance with Other Activities:

Encourage a balance between golf and other interests or sports.
It’s important for kids to have a well-rounded childhood.

Remember that junior golfers should enjoy the game and develop their skills at their own pace. Golf can be a lifelong sport, and these tips can help them lay a solid foundation for success on the course.