The importance of strength and conditioning for golf

Biomechanics, training for golf, being fit to golf are all concepts that are talked about extensively within the professional game but are rarely explored by amateurs much less their symbiosis or overlap understood. It would be impossible to run a marathon without first training for it. We would expect anyone possessed of the desire to run a marathon to put in nearly a year of training before attempting to run one; and that doesn’t even mean in a particularly impressive time (although, admittedly, running a marathon is impressive in and of itself). So a year of conditioning the body on a regular basis would only leave us in a state to participate, not really compete in a marathon. 

As a golf swing coach I see many people embark on a golf journey with little thought to how well conditioned their body is to the task they are hoping to undertake. Golf, as many of you who have played it is a singularly demanding sport, requiring clinical precision whilst punishing even minor infractions. This means how we position ourselves relative to the ball at address and then how we move within the swing has major implications for the outcome. Therefore our posture our mobility, our ability to stabilise our joints and our level of strength are all of tremendous importance to our success as a golfer; strength and conditioning for golf is essential.

Now, here at Pascalgolf we are big believers in the ability of the golf swing to condition the body. The movements of the body follow the eyes and when the brain has a good understanding of what the task is and how best to undertake it then the body will respond. So conditioning for golf can absolutely take place within a golf lesson and also flow as a product of practicing the golf swing correctly, which again is something we emphasise here at Pascalgolf; purposeful practice. However, there are occasions when the body is inhibited either owing to injury or long term adaptations. This is when we have to create a fusion between the golf lesson and the skill of a friend of , Oak Health Osteopathy ( Wesley is a very experienced osteopath with over 15 years of practice and also a TPI certified golf biomechanist and I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

So in conclusion, golf lessons can and will be delivered in a manner that will allow the seasoned player and beginner to condition their body for better golf. I will offer solutions and workarounds when there are limiting factors but we also have other tried and tested resources at our disposal to help overcome even the most difficult of golfing impasses. Let us help you get the achieve the strength and conditioning you need to play your best golf.

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